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Don’t delay!


Look what store just got a colorful new facelift. We figure, in preparation for the start of our 7th year and all, we should be looking a!

This is just a continuation of the many updates going on at TPW. Let us know what you think.


We definitely don't want anyone to get punched, but this “problem” was too funny. Had to share it.

Good luck to all of you performers starting this year, especially to those beginners out there.  Have a great 1st of the year class. We look forward to seeing you from time to time. 

So Danca - The Ballerina

Repost - I ran across this today in So Danca’s Fashion catalog. Just had to share it with all the parents and dancers out there. Isn’t she so adorable?

*The artwork is the property of So Danca. Please respect Copyright*