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Dance Class - JT502 Pro Split-Sole Jazz Tap
So Danca - TA35 Classic Tie Up
So Danca - TA04 and TA05 Lace Up Oxford
So Danca - TA06 and TA07 Tap with Buckle
Dance Class - T400 Mary Jane Tap
So Danca - TA20 Oxford
So Danca - TA52 Split Sole Tap
So Danca - TA45 Lace Up Split Sole
So Danca - TA43 Leather Oxford Tap Slip-on
So Danca - TA48 Leather Lace-up
So Danca - TA42 Leather Oxford Tap
So Danca - TA44 Cuban Heel Tap
So Danca - TA55 1.5" Heel
So Danca - TA57 2" Heel
So Danca - TA200 Built Up Double Sole
So Danca - TA700 Mens Professional Tap
Dance Class - JTS201 Pro Slip-on Split-Sole Jazz Tap
Dance Class - PCM401 Jazz Clogging Oxford (Does Not Include Taps)